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Cash-like Transactions

In an age of ever-growing digital payments, we offer a smart, secure, personal transaction platform.

Read on about our vision of what is possible.

Using Cash, made easy.

For you

Withdraw cash

Using your banking app.

With Vaiu, your bank gives you instant access to your cash by SMS, messaging, browser, or your banking app.

Private and Anonymous

No need to share your personal information with the recipient.

Paying someone? With Vaiu, you never have to share personal information with the person you are paying.
Getting paid? With Vaiu, you never have to share your personal information to receive payment.

Quick and Easy

Withdraw money whenever and wherever you want. Decide how much you want to give and generate Vaiu with ease at, using the Vaiu app, or by simply sending a text message to the Vaiu phone number.

Fair and Flexible

Your Vaiu withdrawals will reduce your bank balance immediately. Your Vaiu deposits will increase your bank balance immediately.

Generate a Vaiu from your bank balance instantly whenever you need one. With Vaiu you can access your money anytime, from anywhere, with your phone.

Instant checks.


Lower your costs and compete

You spent a lot of money getting mobile check processing developed and deployed.
You upgraded your app to use a phone's camera to process checks.
You upgraded ATMs to accept check deposits with automatic optical character recognition.
You process checks all the time, and it costs you in labor and customer satisfaction.

Enable Vaiu Withdrawals and deposits

Trillions of ACH Transaction Volume
Millions of new transactions
Millions saved by businesses